New Indian b grade Movies

September 2, 2022
She is a famous of B-Grade

Bollywood is known for making larger than life and true to life films. However, B-grade movies have always been in news and many wannabe actors have paved their way to popularity with such films.

Meghna Naidu and Himanshu Malik set the screen on fire as they shared erotic scenes for Rain The Terror Within.. directed by Amol Shetge.

Wafa: A Deadly Love Story grabbed eyeballs with superstar Rajesh Khanna’s bold portrayal and hot Laila Khan made men roar for more. The movie proved to be a disaster at the ticket window and let down many fans of the superstar.

Katrina Kaif’s debut Boom was described as a soft-porn venture. The film was shunned by the aam janta and the steamy scene between Kat and Gulshan Grover got maximum attention. Even today after delivering hits many hits this A-list actress is searched on net for her sizzling scenes from the flick.

In the list of raunchy films Haseena - Smart, Sexy, Dangerous stands a special place as Preeti Jhangiani, who started her career with YRF films opted for Haseena - Smart, Sexy, Dangerous which brought her in the B-list world. Kiran Janjani is also seen in a vital role. Eesha Koppikhar plays Hassina in the flick.

Hawas is an adaptation of the American film Unfaithful. Meghna Naidu again grabbed attention with her steamy scenes in the film. Shawar Ali and Tarun Arora were seen in lead roles and the film was directed by Karan Razdan.

Diana Hayden represented India and was crowned Miss World 1997, however, the lady became a part of Ab Bas and delievered hot bed scenes with Shawar Ali. Diana was also considered as the sex bomb with lot of smooching and skin show in the film.

Tauba Tauba, a B-grade Hindi film which tells the tale of 15 year old boy. Payal Rohatgi is seen exposing her body. The actress is seen in bikinis and many enlightening poses.

Neha Dhupia played a high-profile prostitute in Julie. The actress was confident to do a bold role in the film. Yash Tonk and Sanjay Kapoor too seized attention in the film.

Sheesha was directed by Ashu Trikha and Neha Dhupia is seen in double role. The actress has used her sex appeal in the film to woo her fans. The film had aroused lot of curiosity with its bold posters.

Payal Rohatgi, who is known for her bold approach has always hogged limelight for all wrong reasons. Jatin Garewal and Payal sizzled in hot water tub. The lady couldn’t make it big in Bollywood, but surely knows how to be in news.

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