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October 21, 2022
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eros now logoEros Now is the new app in play store and app store in which you can brows thousands of free movies and watch them anytime and anywhere. Eros International company upload all its recent movies in this app. Application’s interface is so simple and attractive for user. It is very simple to use for watch movies online with high quality. Time totally changed in recent decade.

Technology change itself in very speedy way, When 15 years ago if we want to watch movie at home, so there was only one option available VCR or CD Player on rent. We went to video library shop for latest movies and take them on rent. But now time has change, Movies and Videos now converted in digital form. All the movies are available for us online 24 * 7. We can watch movies anytime and anywhere. In this same tradition Eros Now app provide us thousands of movies online free of cost. Only one requirement that is you have good Wifi/3G or 4G internet connection.

You can enjoy Bollywood and regional Indian movies, TV shows, music and music videos anywhere you go. Eros Now brings the largest collection of premium entertainment in Hindi, Tamil and other Indian languages right to your Android phone or tablet.

eros now application Free movies, TV shows, music and music videos available with a free Eros Now Basic account. If you want access to full catalog, HD quality video and movie subtitles, upgrade to simple and affordable subscription plan, Eros Now Premium, using Google Play in-app subscription billing.

Eros Now Basic features:
+ Enjoy a regularly updated selection of free movies, TV episodes, music videos and music
+ Watch movies and other videos on your TV via Chromecast
+ Listen to expertly-curated music playlists
+ Save your favorites songs and albums to your personal playlists
+ Bookmark movies to watch later in your Watchlist
+ Share your favorite content

Eros Now Premium features:
+ Full movie and TV catalog
+ New releases
+ Movie subtitles (requires Android 4.4+)
+ Watch videos in HD
+ Ad free watching and listening

Eros Now Premium Subscription Terms:
Get your Eros Now Premium monthly subscription through the app. If you choose to subscribe, you will be charged a price per month according to your country. The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. Your Eros Now Premium subscription will be charged through your Google Play account at confirmation of purchase as a recurring transaction. Your subscription will automatically renew at the current price unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription month. You can check your billing history, manage your subscription, cancel anytime or change your payment method by visiting (select “Bills and accounts”).

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HER STORY (2015) New Indian Movie Official HD Trailer
HER STORY (2015) New Indian Movie Official HD Trailer ...
Her Story (2015) New Indian Movie HD Official Trailer
Her Story (2015) New Indian Movie HD Official Trailer
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