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June 21, 2020
South Indian Movies Dubbed

Im a person who get to watch more hindi movies than my language (malayalam) movies.

For the answer

1st Why do you watch those dubbed movies (the channels have the worst collection of movies)- Imagine Phata poster nikla Hero in any of the south indian language - that's how dubbing makes it worser.- Those are the movies South Indians have tagged as flops -mostly.

2nd Where is Reality in All North Indian movies .Take the top movies. Karan Johar movies - Reality? Sallu movies - Reality? Akshay movies - Reality?

3rd I'm listing out Movies Remade in Bollywood from South Indian Hit movies - and ive seen them in both languages and never liked any of the remakes. So never wanted to watch any more again.

Sorry but main will be Remakes of Malayalam movies

1. Hulchul (sucks)-

Remade from Godfather (malayalam) which is an old but evergreen movie.- Still cannot get over the comedies of Godfather

2. Bhool bhulaiyya (What was that ...they just ruined the naturality ) -

Remade from Manichithrathazhu - How can someone forget the wonderful acting by Shobhana and Mohanlal, background scores, music, comic timings, comparison to real behaviors of people and last but least the story was made for our Land.

3. Bodyguard ( Film to promote Sallu's body and attitude) -

Remade from Bodyguard (Malayalam) - Never imagined the casting of Dileep (a small sweet guy generally) and Nayan thara (a glamour star) against each other ...but hell that did the perfect magic and dedication to the storyline. Again story for our Land

Oh Then lot of Casting mistakes in Bodyguard (Hindi) -Om puri as the Villain changed to Landlord father in comparison to Thiagarajan - His on screenpresence only can make the fierceness be felt.

​refer Which Hindi films are remakes of Malayalam films?

All these movies (original ) which were remade in other languages are the ones one can say close to some human reality (in the land where it was written for). When remade lost all the Real factors in it. Does anyone from North feel those hindi films have some reality in it?

There are lot more Interesting real movies . Which my North Indian friends used to watch with me without subtitles and couldn't get over the storyline or Comedies .After some movies I didn't even had to translate it to them.

Daring Gundaraaj - Full Length Action Movie Dubbed In
Daring Gundaraaj - Full Length Action Movie Dubbed In ...
Mera Farz - Full Length Action Hindi Movie
Mera Farz - Full Length Action Hindi Movie
Meri Taqdeer In My Hands- Full Length Action Hindi Movie
Meri Taqdeer In My Hands- Full Length Action Hindi Movie
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