Top South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi

September 22, 2022
Allu arjun hindi dubbed movies

There are many great hollywood dubs but I personally liked the Men in black dubbed versions the most. Unfortunately, the hollywood comedies can't be dubbed in hindi as the humor won't be reproduced because of the change in the language.

Anyhow, the dubbed versions of south Indian movies, no matter how serious they might be, are a great source of unintentional comedy because of their illogical and absurd premises as well as because of the language change.

The hindi titles given to these dubbed versions are nothing but a ridiculous joke. For example

1) The movie Wanted (2009) starring Salman was actually inspired from the Telugu film Pokiri (2006) starring Mahesh Babu. This movie was remade in Tamil and kannada as well. The hindi movie channels have dubbed all of them into hindi and have created their titles by somehow making minute adjustments to the title of the original hindi remake Wanted. As the dubbed versions changed their host channels, so did their titles but the Editors found it difficult to come up with new names because of their reluctance to somehow make sure that the titles contain the word 'wanted'. This resulted in creating a whole new movie franchise with the following titles

  • Tapori Wanted
  • Wanted Baghi
  • Main Hoon Wanted
  • Ek aur Wanted
  • Aaj ka wanted

2) The similar case happened with the dubbed counterparts of Rowdy Rathore(2012) and Ready(2011), giving rise to an array of similar looking titles . But the biggest array was created by the Chandramukhi series. God knows how many remakes, sequels and reboots (and their own sequels) were made, that happened in all the Dravidian languages. All the movies were dubbed in hindi and given titles.

  • Chandramukhi
  • Chandramukhi 2
  • Chandramukhi 3
  • Chandramukhi returns
  • Return of Chandramukhi
  • Chandramukhi ki Hunkar
  • Chandramukhi ki Pratigya
  • Return Of Chandramukhi 2
  • Return Of Chandramukhi 3 (drona)

3) The funniest has to be ' Mumbai ki Kiran bedi '.

Apart from the title, the movie itself is pretty hilarious. You start watching this movie thinking this is some serious stuff but then it becomes frustrating after 10 odd minutes into the movie, but if you show the patience to tolerate this for a few more minutes, then the rest of the movie becomes a laugh riot.

First of all, the city shown ain't Mumbai.

The woman looks nothing like Kiran Bedi.

She looks like a mob dealer herself, wearing a halloween police dress with black shades on her eyes that never come out, not even when it gets dark.

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