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June 1, 2016
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Hey, you.

Diligently searching the internet for educational German resources?

That’s great.

Now, I want you to give into the dark side – the one which is begging for you to procrastinate by fooling around on the internet.

This list of awesome YouTube channels for learning German will provide you with quality learning experiences and top-notch entertainment.

No need to choose between learning methods! Supplementing your daily linguistic diet with YouTube videos is simple. They’re fun to watch and take up no time at all. Use the same strategies you use to learn German through films, television programs and other forms of entertainment. Keep your trusty notebook and flashcards at hand so you can keep track of the new words and phrases you learn. Just like when listening to your favorite German language podcasts, you will be guided through language learning topics by charismatic and knowledgeable hosts.

The internet is chock-full of instructional videos for learning German. Some are rubbish, others are mediocre and a few are excellent. Here, we’ve assembled the most promising YouTube channels out there today. Every listed channel is well worth a watch. Check them all out, try them on for size and see which channel suits you and your language learning routine best!

learn german youtube

Self-confessed language nerd Katja from southern Germany is on a mission to teach people German and take the stuffiness out of learning languages. She launched her highly informative YouTube channel in 2013, and it’s brimming with well-structured lessons for beginners. In most of the videos Katja talks directly to the camera in English. She has a friendly disposition and always seems to be smiling, which draws in viewers and makes the lessons more palatable. This is particularly important when she tackles such tricky areas such as German articles. Deutsch für Euch covers a broad range of topics including German greetings, irregular verbs and pronunciation.

learn german youtube

Easy Languages has come up with a wonderful format for teaching German, and that’s to go out in the street and speak to actual Germans. You, the listener, benefit from hearing real German spoken at normal speeds by native speakers. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner and prospect of this is making the hair on the back of your neck stand at attention. The videos are supported by both German and English subtitles. The conversations and street interviews aren’t random pieces of dialogue, but rather each lesson focuses on different language learning topics such as pronunciation, conjugating verbs and basic phrases. By being out and about on the streets, the videos keep things fresh, giving the viewer lots of interesting visuals. It’s a great preview of what types of conversations you might have while traveling throughout Germany.

learn german youtube

From Kirsten Winkler’s brain to yours. Kirsten’s got an inventive take on teaching German that might just provide you with the crystal clear explanations you were missing. Kirsten has created a crisp and concise yet colorful channel which covers an enormous diversity of German language topics. It’s all too easy to navigate and find the specific topics you’d like to learn about. She breaks everything down into easily-digestible lessons, usually no more than 10 minutes in length. Some videos are voiced-over PowerPoint-style presentations featuring her lovely cursive handwriting, and others follow her on excursions where she teaches you relevant vocabulary. Due to her pleasant manner and well-crafted lessons, a rather large following of German language learners has formed around her videos.

This entertaining channel has turned up the fun dial to the max position with a series of German language videos hosted by puppets. A small army of plastic and soft toys help Herr Antrim explain key grammar topics with puppet shows that are conducted in German with English subtitles. The videos are shot in numerous locations such as the host’s living room, kitchen and outdoor spaces. Sometimes his young daughter gets in on the act. Among the topics covered are body parts and word order of questions and statements.

Herr Antrim’s channel was created for his students, but contains a wealth of material for anyone starting out on their German language adventure.

learn german youtube learn german youtube 2 learn german youtube
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