Movies playing at Indian Lake Hendersonville Tennessee

August 20, 2020
The Streets of Indian Lake

nashville fun for families regal summer movie expressGet ready! Mark your calendar! Do whatever it is you do!

is starting soon. Two movie choices each week on Tuesday and Wednesday morning for $1! This is one of my favorite things to do with the kids during the summer. Let’s face it. Summer with kids is a lot of work…and most of it is done outside. Don’t get me wrong. I love the great outdoors. But after hot days at the pool, park or playground a morning spent in an icy cool movie theater is a welcome diversion.

Here are some tips so you can learn from my summer movie mistakes.

  • Go Early! Lots of daycares, camps and preschools attend these movies so often theaters are full very quickly. Bring some entertainment for the kids and get there by 9:45AM at the latest.
  • Promise the kids a fun lunch and you can probably skip concessions altogether. They are open if you want snacks and everything is standard concession price.
  • Earplugs? Consider them. This is not like seeing any other kind of movie in a theater. It will be LOUD. Kids outnumber adults by 4 to 1 and none of them are quiet. Also, lots of parents bring really young kids that they would normally not bring to a movie. Expect lots of crying and bored toddler behavior.
  • If a G rated movie and a PG rated movie are playing at the same time, go with the PG choice (if your kids are older). These are usually much quieter.

Don’t let these tips scare you off. We always have a great time and, honestly, how many things can you do to entertain your kids for a buck? It’s worth a little bit of inconvenience.

In Middle Tennessee, you can take part in Regal’s Summer Movie Express at these locations.

Week 1 (June 2 & 3)

Week 2 (June 9 & 10)

Week 3 (June 16 & 17)

Week 4 (June 23 & 24)

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