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August 21, 2017
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Short answer:
What do I FEEL while watching Bollywood movies...?
I think mostly I feel what the director wanted me to feel.

But to get to this point I have to be in a certain mood...

Complex answer (not an easy question!):

My view on movie industry
I grew up with my brother who studied a kind of movie science. Since my childhood I was taught to appreciate movies with high moral stories, intellectual movies, movies strictly analysing real world situations or history-based movies (without actually changing the history :D). The Olymp of cinematography was occupied by documentaries in my world.

Hatred for Hollywood
I absolutely despised Hollywood production. For me it was mostly ill-emotional food for sentimental brains of stupid people. Yeah, I mean it. I felt very superior to ordinary cinema visitors. (Like Quorans to Yahoo Answers ;))

Becoming adult
Then I turned 20 and got a small job in a dubbing company. My boss made me watch some of the biggest pieces of Hollywood production to educate me in the mainstream culture. Needless to say I had to admit it is not all so stupid as I imagined it. There are pieces for ignorants with no taste, but also great stories which are perfectly managed technically as well.
Later on I stopped being a trouble-less, happy-go-lucky child and met some life difficulties as well. Suddenly even the naive, brain washing Hollywood production came to be handy. I didn't want to analyze dramas anymore, I wanted to relax.
I entered the game of being entertained! Movies were no more exclusively intellectual challenges to me.

And Bollywood? That's the same game. I am not expecting any intellectual growth when watching it. I know what I will get is an entertainment in Indian style. So I am entertained. I know something about the real life in India, I know Bollywood is a dream land. It is a break from your daily worries.

My first bolly-movie ever was Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, I enjoyed that and I was shocked how Hollywood-like it was. I also must say that all the other Indian movies I've seen after that were much less Hollywood-like and much more Bollywwod-like :D.

I quite know the Indian culture so I am able to accept the Indian fun.

Two bugs

There are moments when I "hate Bollywood movies" - those are the moments in the script which reminds me of cultural differences which somehow touched me in my real, personal life and caused me pain. So no problem with the actual movie, but rather conflict of the cultures in my head. (The same happens with Hollywood movies sometimes, just in much much smaller extent as there is no personal painful experience with the culture. It is rather disagreement then.)

There is one special thing I hate passionately about Bollywood scripts, it drives me crazy and spoils each such movie, and that's how many scenes are stolen from famous movies from all over the world. And how Indians are astonished by the genius of Bollywood screenwriters/directors. No, my dear, 40% of the movie was stolen, it is not the genius of Bollywood and the movie is not 'a great piece' but 'a great theft'.

Here is some example:
So I am India freak and still I have some conflicts with the stories, what about to be compared to some other Europeans?

3 idiots
It was a movie I thoroughly enjoyed. I wanted to be entertained, I wanted to see something Indian and it was perfect! An emotional storm with the fairy tale ending.

My friends:
I played this movie to my friends, who have no relation to Indian culture, twice;

-> The first try, a girl and a boy were soon tired from its length and from many seemingly illogical moments. By the time of delivering of a baby scene, they were "out of the game", this absolutely crossed their level of what is believable in movies. They described it as nonsense, naive, silly story, however they liked it somehow.

-> The second try, two girls, fell asleep within twenty minutes.

In the end

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