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June 19, 2017
Famous Bollywood actor Amir

Humming with some remarkable creation from the Bollywood Music Industry

Before we take a look at the notable and lovely compositions on love by some great composers in Bollywood, we need to know the flair of Indian Music. Indian Music has a dignified and proud history since the Indus Valley Civilization. Within this era, we can notice the use of drums and other musical instruments during various occasions. Another interesting character of the Indian Music is its development through interactions between all caste and religion. Nevertheless, from the Vedas we get the details about the advancement of Indian Classical Music.
Bollywood Music Industry has its own distinguished characteristic. Bollywood Music, which is formally known as Hindi film songs, has its individual essence to make any occasion charming. At the same time, music of Bollywood can fill our heart with love and peace with its unique creativity. The Bollywood Music Industry has started its vigorous journey since the year 1931 with the movie Alam Ara following some additional musical hits during this year. Music, being the integral part of Bollywood movies, is the significant cause of making a movie popular with the audience.

Famous Bollywood music composers and lyrists as Sahir Ludhianvi, Shailendra, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Anand Bakshi, Vasant Desai, Naushad and many other respected music composers created varieties of songs for the Bollywood movies. However, their composition of lovely music is extremely appreciable and till today all their creations refresh our tedious mood at the end of the day. Moreover, Bollywood Love songs create a great impact in our personal life too.

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