Free South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi

August 26, 2022

To be precise to your question - Yes, there is enough audience for such movies. I'll give you a perception.

My parents came to US to visit me in the previous summer and stay for about 35 days. Their main pass time is TV during my office time. My dad covered almost 3-4 movies each day. Evening when I reach home, he would say it is 3rd or 4th movie. My YouTube channel was done with all possible latest movies and it started suggested dubbed or old movies.

I can count at least 3-4 people in my own family + immediate relatives who pass their time watching every film which comes across their way. My grand father used to have a library of video cassettes and used to watch each movie 10s of times.

And also, there are several instances where I spoke to North Indian colleagues who say they do watch these dubbing movies every now and then - which is like a casual habit - not a serious one. With this sample, I can definitely see that there is a huge number of yesteryear generation people who would want to watch a new movie every time they turn on the TV or Youtube for that matter.

Another strong reason can be drawn from number of viewers on Youtube videos.

Yes, there is a decent market for dubbing movies. And South Indian movies, most of which are purely for entertainment sake - which run on the hero-villain, hero-heroine, separate comedy track, family melodrama formula - keep getting dubbed.

Like other answers suggest, it is a win-win situation for all three parties. Cheap rates for buyers.

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New South movie in hindi dubbed
New South movie in hindi dubbed
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